Learn to Love Leather

Whether you spend your afternoon cruising on a Harley, wind in your hair or eyes glued to your favorite fiction novel, everyone needs a little leather in their life. Throw away old traditions because leather can be worn for any occasion, anywhere, any time. Its layers and accessories that set the tone of your ensemble. Faux leather, colored leather, thick or thin, trust me, there is a style to match every personality.


Must Have Metallic Wear

Shine for days in metallic wear. Rid yourself of the old, dull patterns and wrap your body in shiny fabrics. Whether clothing is colored in silvers or rich golds, metallic is flowing into dresses, sweaters, heels and makeup.


If you’re not into standing out, metallic nail polish is exactly what you need. The Essie brand offers reflective metallic hues that fulfill every shade. This is perfect for those who wish to indulge in the trend without the commitment.


Touchdown! Wear Jerseys like a Champ

Photo Credit: bebe.com

You want to rep your favorite sports team but still look as cute as a button. So, you’ve got the jersey but when paired with jeans, you feel masculine.  Throwing on a baseball cap and Dodgers jersey doesn’t mean you have to look identical to your significant other. There are PLENTY of ways to look sexy in any sports ensemble.

High Waisted Skirt & Blazer

I’m telling you, a high waisted skirt saves the day at just about any occasion. Try on a white skirt with the shirt of your choosing as white matches every color. Pair a blazer over the sports jersey, matching the team’s colors. Make sure the blazer is one color so you aren’t covered in too many shades.

Go Vintage in Peacock Feathers


They say, “Don’t live in the past” but they never said anything about dressing in it. There’s an array of styles that will surely set you apart from the current day styles. To really make a splash, accessorize your look with feathers to give you that flapper bravura. Don’t forget to slick the hair, and pose without smiling sometimes.

A full on feathered skirt will surely have you reminiscing about the flapper era. A light pink skirt provides sophistication without screaming out for attention. You can always buy a plain skirt and glue your own feathers to the bottom hemline, reminiscing the past without being too bold.

Reflecting on Martin Luther King Day

There’s always a reason for a celebration. January 20th is one of those days. What started with, “I Have A Dream,” became one of the most monumental moments in history. Across the country, speeches and commemorations were held in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.- a pivotal figure in the Civil Rights Movement.