The Beauty of Vintage Hair

In fashion, there has always been a tendency to look back at decades past for trends that set the style standards. From the sleek and sharp lines of the mod 1960s to the broad and bold shoulders of the 1980s, fashion has taken cues from the past to innovate the present. Hairstyles of the past have also made their way into present day culture. Those who are entrenched in the present trends will tell you that straight and sleek is the way for your hair to go. But two pop culture trendsetters gladly challenge this.

Edgy Floral Print for Spring

When one thinks of floral print, what images come to mind? Dainty dresses accented with pearl necklaces? Or delicate skirts fluttering in the wind during an afternoon stroll with a golden retriever puppy? More often than not, floral print is associated with feminine refinement or girlish cuteness. But as with all things in fashion, this idea can be altered and turned stylishly upside down. This Spring, consider floral print as a way to be edgy and modernly chic. With this consideration in mind, you’ll be amazed at the looks you can come up with.

Beauty by Design

When you hear the names Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior, you might immediately have visions of beautiful gowns or luxurious signature accessories made by each of these famed designers. But these style geniuses are not only revered in the fashion world. They have also made their colorful marks on the world of beauty as well. In 1998, the French cosmetic store chain Sephora opened its first American store in New York City. From then on, the store has become the central hub of acquiring elite and high-end cosmetics such as the makeup lines of world-renowned fashion designers.

Art Hearts Fashion Show at L.A. Style Fashion Week

Art is what really makes the world go round. Without art, people wouldn’t be able to express themselves and truly share the human experience with one another. Art Hearts Fashion, founded by designer and entrepreneur Erik Rosete in 2011, is an organization that exhibits the talents of cutting edge fashion designers and contemporary artists, all whilst giving back to the community. Art Hearts Fashion truly subscribes to the idea that sharing is beautiful, through an appreciation of creative talent and by contributing to organizations like The Women’s Cancer Foundation, AIDS Project Los Angeles, and the Hurricane Sandy Relief Kitchen, among others.

The Glamour of Thick Eyebrows

You’ve seen the tools of the trade. The much-feared tweezer, the thread of the professional eyebrow groomer, and yes, that awful vat of hellishly hot wax. There are a whole slew of beauty products catering to your desire for that thinner than thin, meticulously arched, and perfectly sleek eyebrow.

But what if you want a more dramatic look? People always say that our eyes are the windows to our souls. Many a make-up artist will tell you that the eyes are pivotal to any look, so why not give your eyebrows the fullness and depth they deserve? If your eyes are the windows to your soul, consider your eyebrows the window frames! And who wants thin and fragile window frames?