My Style Expert brings glitz, glamour, and relaxed personal and professional connections into our ultra-fashion obsessed world. For both male and females alike, My Style Expert caters to your needs, wants, and desires, by providing style that matches your personality through a customized consultation.

My Style Expert has wardrobe ideas that compliment your inner style, and the expertise to know what flatters in the most unique ways. Unlike most stylists – she gets to know you and your lifestyle to provide you the best tools that will accent your finest assets. Highlighting your personality with color, accessories, and an ideal fit; she gives your appearance an ambiance that matches the goals you’ve set with her. For the daydreamers longing to prance the red carpet, various celebrities, or the everyday guy that needs an experienced second opinion, My Style Expert accommodates every client with their very own personalized shopping experience, or customized closet, addressing any and every style issue you may have. Inspiring the debutantes to the model seekers, from Gentlemen’s Quarterly-like style to grunge, street, vogue, or stunning effects, wardrobe stimulations are the focus.

Along with trendsetting across the gurus of Hollywood, My Style expert is featured in numerous mediums ranging from ad campaigns, fashion editorials, music videos, red carpet, and on-set appearances. My Style Expert emphasizes various facets of style, from elegant to edgy, casual to date-ready. This fashion connoisseur masterfully crafts every seamless creation. When top magazines need a tip or two on fashion and style, Serese Styles is the one they interview across the globe.

Passionate about giving back, My Style Expert works with numerous organizations including the Jenesse Center and Step Up Women’s Network. Not only does this philanthropist make women look good, but she’s avid about making them feel good too.

Transitioning from brand to a way of life, positivity pours out of MSE and enriches the lives of many, helping them to developing confidence through fashion. Behind the cameras lies a wholehearted individual with a positive nature to assist others in attaining their best look, advancing inner and outer beauty simultaneously.

Contact her for your style consultation today.

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