Serese Styles is a high profile stylist and philanthropist, enriching the lives of young women through the world of fashion and volunteer work.  While many magazines have been rocked by Ms.Style’s work, this busy fashion guru is constantly getting her hands into nonprofits while preparing young women for real world opportunities. Serese enacts empathy and understanding in her work, outshining stylists by entwining clients in their own fashion inspirations.

Serese has been a connoisseur of fashion sprinkling her magic and creating looks for ad campaigns, fashion editorials, music videos and red carpet appearances for nearly a decade. She is considered a trendsetter and tastemaker amongst Hollywood’s styling and design community and an experienced image and lifestyle expert.

As a personal stylist she enjoys a vibrant and varied career styling for clients and also contributing to top magazines on fashion and style topics.

Throughout her career, Serese has collaborated with renowned photographers and creative talent styling many icons and ingénues in fashion, film and entertainment. Her work has graced the pages of publications such as: Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, In Style, V Magazine and more.

Staying busy and constantly reinventing her brand, she has been a creative force styling behind the scenes and in front of the runways for fashion shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, serving as a Brand Ambassador and participating in fashion forward events, she is currently available for consultations and wardrobe styling opportunities.

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