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Because we understand how hard it is to choose a stylist, we sat down with Serese Styles of My Style Expert to ask her some questions we know you want to know. Contact her today by clicking here.

1. To give your followers a good perspective on your style, your pace and the thorough services you deliver, can you tell us a little bit about My Style Expert, and why if we so desire a stylist we should come to you?  

My main thing is for you to understand your personal style and what you are trying to achieve.  Initially we will go over color choices, textures and what works best for your body type and daily lifestyle. My services are geared toward organization, editing and revamping client’s wardrobe to help them discover their own individual style. I can also prepare a shopping list if needed for missing essentials and key staple items. The MyStyleExpert.com website allows me to communicate daily with current style tips, trends, and ideas for wardrobe recommendations and places to shop… constantly keeping my followers in the loop.

2. What types of style, fashion, issues have you seen and solved throughout your years as a stylist and personal consultant?   

The main thing is being comfortable and confident with your style no matter what the occasion.  I want to save you time and the hassle of worrying how to put your outfits together and questioning what looks best.

A common issue I’ve witnessed is struggling to find suitable clothing that matches their new appearance or mood if they have recently gained or lost weight, gone through a career change or even ending or starting a new relationship. During these difficult lifestyle adjustments, I can create style references and offer tailoring services to help you look and feel your best and not stress.  I will find the perfect pieces or must-have article of clothing and reclaim your peace of mind when getting dressed.

3. What is it that makes you know you have a talent for styling? When did you know that this profession was truly for you and when are you most passionate about it?

Knowing that I completely enjoy sharing my fashion expertise and experiences and seeing joyous transformations and approvals from my peers and clients. I realized I was truly passionate when I didn’t want to do anything else and could totally use my prior background in marketing to excel in my fashion endeavors.

4.How would you define “success” for your customer?

CONFIDENT & SATISFIED!  I feel everyone needs a little professional advice now and then; I aim to help my clients redefine their personal style.

5. Can you describe a typical session with you? Even though we know they’ll tend to vary based upon your customer’s needs, what can we expect when we book a free consult with you?

It starts with a full style assessment going over your current fashion styles and discussing what you are trying to achieve. Then comes the clothes audit and organization of all wardrobe items where I will fold, hang and devise space solutions ideas to create a system when you’re putting together daily outfits.

6. If you had to brag, I forced you, what would be the top thing you have accomplished as a stylist?

Having clients walk away knowing how to easily achieve and maintain a stylish lifestyle.

7. Who are some people you have styled? How long are your sessions typically?

As a wardrobe stylist I have worked with on many editorial and designer AD campaigns featuring various talent and models, musical artists for photoshoots, weddings, showers, and many special occasions.

In-Home services generally run about 3 hours with consultation, while extended sessions can last up to 5 hours depending on clients’ needs.

8. When people leave a consult with you, what do they usually say? What are their main questions?

When can we start!

9. Do you style/organize/re-design closets?

Yes, I will assess and evaluate each piece of clothing, shoe and accessory sorting your keepers and what items are to part with and what works best for your space.

10. Do you work with men and women?


 11. Can you fit my budget?

I have customized and individually packaged services to suit nearly every budget, and I offer free consultations.  I understand about being budget conscious and can work within my client’s comfort zone.

12. Can you style for special occasions: weddings, baby showers, red carpets, quinceaneras, every day street style, etc.?

Yes, I get to know my clients and what their goals are special requests, events etc.

Each client is seen as a VIP with individual needs and receives a personalized approach.

While I specialize in personal styling, my skill set also stretches to creative direction and event production, so I can help guide the process of each occasion allowing for the finer details to be well catered for and assist with wardrobe sourcing, brainstorming, project and site coordination, team management, time scheduling and any other needs.

13. Do you advise on hair, makeup, and image as well?

Yes I do, and offer recommended services and stylists to complete your total glam look.

I have built many relationships and contacts in the fashion, entertainment, and creative industries ensuring an informed approach to your personal image or project.

14. Why should I choose you as my stylist? Can you match a look I’m going for?

Having a personal stylist is no longer a luxury reserved only for celebrities & high profiles, but now a beneficial experience for everyone and anyone to have, creating a renewed confidence in image & self-presentation. I have extensive fashion expertise and can offer well-needed advice on new fashion trends; clothing styles and color choices that suit your individual occasion, taste, personality, age, lifestyle or career… creating a look tailor fitted for you.

15. Can you customize packages for individual needs?  How much advance notice do you need for my event or special occasion? How may I reach you if I want style advice and to set up a consultation right now?

YES, I offer several pre-customized packages to suit most common necessities, but I can customize as needed to provide any additional services to complete your experience.  E-mail is the best way to reach me directly and I usually suggest a week notice depending on what services are needed.

Additional services are available à la carte on an hourly basis such as:

  • Help you create outfits for work, leisure, and/or nights out in the comfort of your own home.
  • Organize your clothing, shoes, & accessories
  • Have at-hand advice for your next shopping trip
  • Personal shopping to source a special occasion outfit saving you time and hassle searching.


  • Selling / Consignment services
  • Donating
  • Handbag Repair
  • Shoe Resoling /Cleaning
  • Personal Look book (with style tips and picture suggestions)
  • Closet & Organizational Supply Shopping
  • Gift Purchasing



 Contact her today by clicking here. 

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