2015 I Heart Music Awards





2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards

The 2nd annual iHeartRadio Music Awards broadcasted Sunday March 29 on NBC, and saw a number of returning celebrities from last year, as well as new faces, musical performances, and the award ceremeony. Below is a coverage report including the show’s highlights, photographs, and some personal commentary.


Celebrity Turn-out

Celebrity attendance at the show was comprised of award nominees and music guests as well as appearances by big name artists such as Nick Jonas, Boy George, and the new face of Madonna’s Material Girl, Zendaya.

The Beyoncé Within

If “More Beyoncé” isn’t one of your New Year’s Resolutions, you’re doing it wrong. Exclusively at My Style Expert, the top three ways to find your inner Beyoncé in 2014.

BeyONCE: Be spontaneous. Beyoncé dropped her record-breaking fifth album without any promotion or forewarning. Despite the surprise, her success was hardly surprising. Try something new and wing it this year—and yes, that is an invitation to try out a wing-tip cat eye. Stray from your schedule whenever you can and don’t be afraid to stray from the status-quo as well. Answer at least one question a day with “why not” and surprise the ones you love with hand-written notes and pressed flowers. Remember that you have just as many hours in the day as Queen B.

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Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Well here we are again at this time of the year — less than a week before Christmas and I don’t doubt there are still many out there frantically searching for the perfect Christmas present to give to a loved one. Newsflash, if you don’t decide soon you’ll be stuck sending out gift cards again (because nothing says I care about you more than a quasi-cash present). So to help all you poor souls out this season I’ve resolved to search out the best presents that can be purchased last minute and produce a nice orderly list for you procrastinators.

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Fashion Guru to The Rescue

We’ll collectively gather to create a style for you that’s so riveting, you can’t deny it. Here’s a snippet of a shoot with a cozy subtlety. Bring me magazines, cutouts, your dream board, or we’ll simply discuss your visions. Sometimes the fierceness isn’t always in the clothes, it’s in the look. I can lead you in professional poses; we can mimic your favorite models, or we can get to know each other in fashion coaching sessions that just might have a few cameras. Wink, wink.