Cannes Film Festival Fashion

Every May, a prestigious film festival is held in Cannes, France – a picturesque city in the French Riviera. The best filmmakers from around the world premiere their films at the Cannes International Film Festival and it is one of the most important and highly publicized events in the worldwide entertainment industry. The festival is by invite only and to receive an honor at the festival’s competition is highly coveted by filmmakers. Because of its significance and high profile status, many actors and actresses use the festival as a vehicle to promote their upcoming projects and also to increase their visibility. Fashion undoubtedly plays an important role at the Cannes Film Festival and here a few of the stand out red carpet looks from this year’s festivities.

Aishwarya Rai wearing a Roberto Cavalli gown

Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai looked absolutely stunning in a gold strapless Roberto Cavalli gown. Known worldwide for her beauty, Aishwarya definitely picked a gown that not only brought out her curvy figure, but brought out her glowing skin, voluminous dark hair, and impeccable makeup. The gown dazzled with contrasting patterns on the bodice and skirt, and the sparkling detail on the dress only emphasized the genius of Cavalli, who is well known for his mastery of exquisite detailing.

Marion Cotillard wearing a Christian Dior gown

French actress Marion Cotillard looked lovely in a silver sleeveless pleated dress by Christian Dior . What really sets this dress apart is not only the intricate pleating, but also the ingenious paneling of the pleats, giving the gown dimension and a very unique finish. Her hair had a little bit of volume on top and her ponytail was daintily displayed on one side. Her makeup was very subtle and played up her natural beauty. She then complemented the shine of her dress with glittering gold “Ibiza” pumps by Christian Louboutin.


Ryan Gosling wearing a custom made Gucci tuxedo

And finally, American heartthrob Ryan Gosling showed the Cannes crowd the value of a classic, sharply tailored suit. He looked handsome and dapper in a custom made navy colored Gucci tuxedo complemented with a crisp white shirt. What really set this suit apart from others was the sharp lapel and the absence of a standard tuxedo bow tie. It gave Ryan his signature cool style, but still maintained the formal look of a tuxedo. It was an excellent look that definitely showed off Ryan’s fashion savvy.

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