Edgy Floral Print for Spring

When one thinks of floral print, what images come to mind? Dainty dresses accented with pearl necklaces? Or delicate skirts fluttering in the wind during an afternoon stroll with a golden retriever puppy? More often than not, floral print is associated with feminine refinement or girlish cuteness. But as with all things in fashion, this idea can be altered and turned stylishly upside down. This Spring, consider floral print as a way to be edgy and modernly chic. With this consideration in mind, you’ll be amazed at the looks you can come up with.

1990s fashion nostalgia is all the rage right now. One key fashion trend in the 90s was the toughening of the floral print. From hip hop girls wearing floral print shorts to alternative rocker girls wearing babydoll floral print dresses – floral print was a vibrant way to maintain a bit of color and feminine whimsy in an otherwise overwhelmingly tough and grungy 90s style culture.


Alicia Silverstone in 1993

Take a cue from the 90s and pair your favorite floral blouse with a cool, dark colored leather jacket. Or perhaps put your favorite combat boots on and wear it with that floral print dress you haven’t worn since last Easter. Accessorize with some dark colored tights and a small cross-body purse.


Floral Print Combat Boots by Doc Martens

Or if you want to make things really simple for yourself, you can just rock some floral print combat boots like these ones by iconic Doc Martens. You’ll get your toughness and your cuteness all in one!

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