Finding the Perfect Summer Lip Gloss

In the past twenty years or so, lip gloss has become as popular in the beauty industry as lipstick. In fact, lip gloss can be seen as lipstick’s versatile and more user friendly peer. Lipstick usually requires a perfectly moisturized lip as a clear canvas before its application. Lipstick also tends to need an additional balm or emollient based product on top of it to prevent drying and the color fading throughout the day. Lip gloss however is usually a one star show, multi tasking as a moisturizer, sealant, and colorant for the lips. Lipgloss is a great product, especially in the heat of summer. Here are a couple of the bestselling, summer-ready lip glosses available at the one and only Sephora.

From runway couture to makeup, Dior has always set the bar very high. More than just another luxury brand, Dior is always iconic and takes pride in the high quality formulation of its cosmetics. Dior Addict Fluid Stick is a new product from Dior and a bestseller at Sephora, with great reason. It functions with the wearability of a lip gloss and delivers the deeply pigmented color payoff of a lipstick. It makes the perfect summer gloss as it continuously moisturizes your lips while still giving you a camera ready lip color. It really is a lipgloss/lipstick hybrid, but is very lightweight and offers all the comfort of a lipgloss. Available in an array of gorgeous colors.

If you like rose colored lips (and really, who doesn’t?) then makeup line Bite has an unbeatable offer for you. It is a collection inspired by the colors of roses called the Deconstructed Rose Lipgloss Library. Featuring twelve lip glosses ranging in color from light pink to dark red, these high shine glosses are sure to add some glam to your summer. And with its super hydrating formula, these rose tinted beauties will keep your lips moisturized during heat waves. Also featuring a light rose fragrance for a finishing touch. This collection is a bestseller at Sephora not only because it’s a great product, but also because it’s a great value – it’s worth $165 and is retailing at Sephora for an astounding $49.

So whenever you find yourself around a Sephora this summer, drop in and have a look at their great selection of summer ready lip glosses. And enjoy the air conditioning too!

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