Go Vintage in Peacock Feathers


They say, “Don’t live in the past” but they never said anything about dressing in it. There’s an array of styles that will surely set you apart from the current day styles. To really make a splash, accessorize your look with feathers to give you that flapper bravura. Don’t forget to slick the hair, and pose without smiling sometimes.

A full on feathered skirt will surely have you reminiscing about the flapper era. A light pink skirt provides sophistication without screaming out for attention. You can always buy a plain skirt and glue your own feathers to the bottom hemline, reminiscing the past without being too bold.


Using bold, bright colors in the hat or hair will create a classy vintage look that can be worked into a casual day or special event. Ostrich feathers offer simplicity, yet are simultaneously dramatic. Bold designs should be accented with pheasant feather curls while peacock sword feathers are ideal for those looking for a splash of color.


Actresses like Nicole Kidman have adapted to the 1920’s style with whimsical clothing and polished updos. The 1920’s elegance is being streamed across Hollywood with starlets wearing donning feathers, satin and flapper gowns.




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