Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Well here we are again at this time of the year — less than a week before Christmas and I don’t doubt there are still many out there frantically searching for the perfect Christmas present to give to a loved one. Newsflash, if you don’t decide soon you’ll be stuck sending out gift cards again (because nothing says I care about you more than a quasi-cash present). So to help all you poor souls out this season I’ve resolved to search out the best presents that can be purchased last minute and produce a nice orderly list for you procrastinators.

1. Coffee Table Books

Now no judgment too fast here, this might seem a little odd but it can really be a sweet gift if executed correctly. You just need to know a little something about the person you’re giving it to. Say you have a friend who is really into deep sea diving, your choice is simple, pick them up Diving: The World’s Best Sites, by Jack Jackson or any variant of that book and you have yourself the ultimate present. Your mom loves the work of Mary Cassatt? Stop waiting around and order Mary Cassatt: An American Impressionist by Gerhard Gruitrooy. As long as you are aware of some interest or hobby your gift-recipient has, this present has the personal touch that will send that friend or family member through the roof with appreciation.

2. Movie/Television Paraphernalia

It’s not likely that this will work for everyone in your life, but it is rather common to have a friend or relative that has been absolutely hooked by a movie series or television show. And guess what! Many people (potentially all over the world) share that obsession with them. Often there will be extensive paraphernalia to go right along with their favorite characters. Whether it be Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, or any other popular show or movie you are covered. This present also has fantastic potential as a humorous gift or gag gift. Want a Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter? You got it. A Gryffindor scarf from Harry Potter? Available to you at the click of a button.

Chunky Knit Blanket3. Softest Blanket Imaginable

This last suggestion comes when you are not extremely familiar with a person’s tastes or hobbies. Nevertheless it remains a great buy. Pick up a Nap TM Blanket from your nearest Brookstone. If you’ve ever touched one of these before, you know the magic. Without a doubt the softest blanket I’ve ever felt. They have quilted throw blankets, bed blankets, luxe blankets, and even more. You name a type of blanket, they probably carry it (in a variety of colors, to boot). Being familiar with the person is not even a requirement, and you will still be viewed as a spectacular gift giver.

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