Learn to Love Leather

Whether you spend your afternoon cruising on a Harley, wind in your hair or eyes glued to your favorite fiction novel, everyone needs a little leather in their life. Throw away old traditions because leather can be worn for any occasion, anywhere, any time. Its layers and accessories that set the tone of your ensemble. Faux leather, colored leather, thick or thin, trust me, there is a style to match every personality.


Designers are treating leather as if it were fabric by dying it in vibrant colors, cutting it into feminine shapes, and draping it in unique ways. Now, you can wear leather in those hot, sticky months as leather is becoming paper-thin.  To achieve the feminine vibe, stay clear of material with studs, laced-up sides or grommets. Aim for silk, lace or a sheer body shapers to execute a more ladylike appearance.


Those with that laid back attitude can get in on the leather trend with a Philip Lim Quilted Leather T-Shirt. Leather is getting along with every style, including shorts and sweatshirts. Shopping for a leather ensemble has never been so fun, articles of clothing are now hitting the shelves with an unexpected touch.  It’s all about what rings true to your individual flair.




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