Sandal Season

Hot weather is in the atmosphere again and that means you’ll need breathable footwear to walk through the hot days and nights of summer. Sandals have long been a go-to shoe for women, and designers are more and more eager to up the ante in their shoe game to provide ladies with great sandal options. Sandals are a wonderful way to remain comfortable while being stylish in fashion forward cities like New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles – all three of these cities are known for having especially hot summers. Whether you’re looking for some fully functional sandal flats or some va-va-voom sandal heels, here is a guide to a few key sandal trends for summer.

“Classic Jane” sandal heels by Yves Saint Laurent

Keeping it simple. Sometimes the best fashion statement is the most subtle one. Especially with a shoe style like the sandal which exposes your feet – sometimes the beauty of your skin should speak for itself, rather than an ornate design that loudly adorns your feet. That is when a simple sandal design can work in your favor, especially if you want to wear a colorful or traffic stopping summer outfit. No one has mastered the art of simple (but definitely not average) elegance more than the iconic Yves Saint Laurent. His “Classic Jane” sandal heels are the epitome of chic and are expertly crafted to make your feet look absolutely statuesque.

“Dock Crochet” platform sandals by Rocket Dog

Keeping it retro. A cool way to liven up your beach outfits this summer is with a platform sandal. A nostalgic nod to the 1990s, the platform sandal is fun and summer ready. They are also very comfortable and tend to always compliment the legs and ankles by providing that one of a kind platform lift. Pair them with your favorite short shorts or your swimsuit with a sarong wrap over it. The “Dock Crochet” sandal by Rocket Dog is an affordable pair that you can slip on and off with the greatest of style and ease while lounging by the pool.

Bejeweled sandals by Nina Keegan

Keeping it sparkly. The bejeweled trend is very popular right now and it is even more fitting for summer sandals, as a simple gem embellishment can really add a wow factor. Think of the summer parties you attend and how important it is to wear an outfit that’s comfortable, yet maintains its glamour. Same thing goes for sandals, they allow your feet to breathe in hot weather, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be sparkly and chic. These Nina Keegan sandals are made for a princess with its delicate jewel adornments and elegant design.

So don’t forget to enjoy yourself this summer and don’t be afraid to wear sandals that make a statement!

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