Dress for Success

You will often hear from job interview experts and human resources managers that first impressions are important. Body language, verbal communication, and personal appearance all factor into that pivotal first impression you make on another person. We are used to having the freedom to talk about what outfit we should invest in for our upcoming interview, or what colors will flatter our features, or what clothing is fashionable right now. But there are some people who don’t have that freedom, the fortune of being able to think about their own personal style. Some of our peers have to struggle just to find their place in the world first.

Finding the Perfect M.A.C. Red Lipstick

Red lipstick has always been a game changer. The drama of red colored lips can truly transform a makeup look from pretty to devastatingly gorgeous. Think back to your favorite iconic siren of the silver screen or flip through a current fashion magazine. Chances are, dazzling red lips adorn the most daring beauties. Red lips, much like red clothing or red shoes, or even red cars or red stoplights – signify a need to draw attention, a non-verbal “Hey, look at me.” So where does one go to get their signature red lipstick? None other than Make-Up Art Cosmetics, or M.A.C. as it’s commonly known.

Art Hearts Fashion Show at L.A. Style Fashion Week

Art is what really makes the world go round. Without art, people wouldn’t be able to express themselves and truly share the human experience with one another. Art Hearts Fashion, founded by designer and entrepreneur Erik Rosete in 2011, is an organization that exhibits the talents of cutting edge fashion designers and contemporary artists, all whilst giving back to the community. Art Hearts Fashion truly subscribes to the idea that sharing is beautiful, through an appreciation of creative talent and by contributing to organizations like The Women’s Cancer Foundation, AIDS Project Los Angeles, and the Hurricane Sandy Relief Kitchen, among others.

Fashion Helmet

Football Meets Fashion for a Good Cause

The National Football League’s Super Bowl is as American as apple pie. The event draws in legions of spectators and is considered to be the biggest sports event of the year. Football is known as a tough, no-holds barred sport. Fashion also has its multitudes of devoted spectators, and it too can be considered a sport of sorts – exciting and dramatic, with its best designers being the boldest risk-takers.

So what better way to contribute to a good cause than to have football team up with fashion? The National Football League Foundation and The Council of Fashion Designers of America have gathered up a group of forty-eight of fashion’s brightest designers to craft their renditions of the classic football helmet.