Sneakers at New York Fashion Week

What Does New York Fashion Week and All Star Weekend Have In Common?

The answer is…sneakers.

This year New York fashion week collided with All Star Weekend bringing sneaker personalities, fashion editors, and of course sports media all together.

Sneakers are getting recognition on the runways lately and fashion brands are moving towards working with more athletic footwear companies. John Elliot + Co featured Nike LeBron 12s in his show at NYFW, proving that sneakers are still relevant in the fashion scene.

You don’t have to be an athletic to rock the latest kicks either. Athletic footwear brands are taking a turn towards more lifestyle based shoes for people that are lo

Tadashi Shoji – Artful Finery

Tadashi Shoji’s designs are made to be in the spotlight. Born in Sendai, Japan in 1948, Shoji grew up with painting and drawing as his arts of choice. He later became a student of Fine Art in Tokyo. However, Shoji had a yearning to explore his artistic talents, so he set his sights on studying fashion design in the United States.

In 1973, Shoji enrolled in Los Angeles Trade Technical College while he apprenticed with notable Rock n Roll costume designer Bill Whitten, who had designed for the likes of Stevie Wonder and Elton John, among others. To understand the complexity and loveliness Shoji invokes in his designs, one must consider his dynamic background – the Eastern fine artist’s sensibility mixed with the Western fashion designer’s need to dazzle.

New York Fashion Week – A Primer

It’s that time again. When the streets of New York City buzz with the chatter of top fashion magazine editors, models hurriedly rush to the shows that could very well make their careers, and one just might catch a glimpse of their favorite A-List celebrity being escorted into a runway show. It’s time for New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014.

One could say that NYFW is like a big glitzy reunion party for the fashion industry. But make no mistake about it, this week-long event is grueling work for everyone involved – with the most ambitious designers in the industry showing the pivotal, trend-setting pieces in their repertoire.