Sneakers at New York Fashion Week

What Does New York Fashion Week and All Star Weekend Have In Common?

The answer is…sneakers.

This year New York fashion week collided with All Star Weekend bringing sneaker personalities, fashion editors, and of course sports media all together.

Sneakers are getting recognition on the runways lately and fashion brands are moving towards working with more athletic footwear companies. John Elliot + Co featured Nike LeBron 12s in his show at NYFW, proving that sneakers are still relevant in the fashion scene.

You don’t have to be an athletic to rock the latest kicks either. Athletic footwear brands are taking a turn towards more lifestyle based shoes for people that are lo

Sandal Season

Hot weather is in the atmosphere again and that means you’ll need breathable footwear to walk through the hot days and nights of summer. Sandals have long been a go-to shoe for women, and designers are more and more eager to up the ante in their shoe game to provide ladies with great sandal options. Sandals are a wonderful way to remain comfortable while being stylish in fashion forward cities like New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles – all three of these cities are known for having especially hot summers. Whether you’re looking for some fully functional sandal flats or some va-va-voom sandal heels, here is a guide to a few key sandal trends for summer.

Christian Louboutin, Shoe Rebel

Who would have known that the sole of a shoe, in a hue of blazing red, would become a fashion phenomenon and a stylish symbol of fierceness and fun? In every red sole under the exquisitely crafted shoes of French designer Christian Louboutin, what you are seeing is the spirit that ignited Louboutin’s creativity in the first place – a spirit of uniqueness, daring, and rebellion.

Christian Louboutin was born in Paris on January 7, 1963. The son of a cabinet carpenter father and a homemaker mother, Christian felt out of place amongst his parents and three sisters. Christian thought that his darker complexion gave him a much more exotic look than his other family members, who he has described as being “very French”.