The Beauty of Vintage Hair

In fashion, there has always been a tendency to look back at decades past for trends that set the style standards. From the sleek and sharp lines of the mod 1960s to the broad and bold shoulders of the 1980s, fashion has taken cues from the past to innovate the present. Hairstyles of the past have also made their way into present day culture. Those who are entrenched in the present trends will tell you that straight and sleek is the way for your hair to go. But two pop culture trendsetters gladly challenge this.

Janelle Monae is the perfect example of someone who takes style elements from the past and makes them thoroughly hers in the present. The songstress has a style that is reminiscent of legendary doo-wop divas like The Supremes, with their impeccably styled hair and effortlessly elegant beauty. But Monae adds her own take on this aesthetic with a bit of androgynous flair and a tongue in cheek charm. Looking at Ms. Monae is both a throwback and a futuristic statement all at once.

Janelle Monae

Lana Del Rey is a chanteuse whose hairstyle has undoubtedly brought retro glamour to current pop culture. Del Rey’s hair can at one moment be as carefree as a hippie child’s with flowers adorning it, and at another moment it can be at vixen status with luscious Ann Margaret type shape and volume. And the real beauty lies in the fact that Del Rey’s hair matches her sultry music.

Lana Del Rey

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