Tiny Pants Kids

You’re never too young to be a fashionista, at least that’s the motto of Tiny Pants Kids. As a parent, you’re always looking to please your kid and at Tiny Pants Kids, they sure are people pleasers. Launched in the fall of 2010, this style enthused clothing company has revolutionized the way we shop for children’s clothing.

TinyPantsKids1From ages 2-14, girls can let their dress-up imaginations spring to life. Moms from all over are bringing their little fashion divas to Tiny Pants Kids for runway inspired clothing. This clothing company has tailored their style specifically for girls who wish for nothing more than to feel like a princess and dress like one too. Each item is designed to catch the eyes of your little ones, offering a candy-color palette of fuchsia, green, navy, and purple. Your little darling will be over the moon about Tiny Pants Kids.

TinyPantsKids2Like every woman, even kids know that accessories are key and Tiny Pants Kids is ready to help. Those fake geeky glasses that are all the rage? Yup, Tiny Pants Kids has them…in Barbie doll pink. This popular and versatile store is setting the stage for children’s clothing. I guess it’s goodbye to Kids R Us!

TinyPantsKids3Not only are they all about fashion and fulfilling little girls’ dreams, but they are dedicated towards confidence boosting and setting a healthy lifestyle. During their “Super Fun Saturday” event, a three part workshop was set up to show young girls how to maintain sustainable living through jewelry making, custom art design, candle making, and gaming.

TinyPantsKidsFlyerKnowledge is power. This includes fashion knowledge, ladies.

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