Touchdown! Wear Jerseys like a Champ

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You want to rep your favorite sports team but still look as cute as a button. So, you’ve got the jersey but when paired with jeans, you feel masculine.  Throwing on a baseball cap and Dodgers jersey doesn’t mean you have to look identical to your significant other. There are PLENTY of ways to look sexy in any sports ensemble.

High Waisted Skirt & Blazer

I’m telling you, a high waisted skirt saves the day at just about any occasion. Try on a white skirt with the shirt of your choosing as white matches every color. Pair a blazer over the sports jersey, matching the team’s colors. Make sure the blazer is one color so you aren’t covered in too many shades.


Stick to one that flares so you don’t have any bulkiness along the waistline.


Just because you’re hair is tied back under a baseball cap doesn’t mean you can’t still spice it up. Throw on some gilded bangles and an oversized necklace to achieve an air of girlishness. Also, the option is always open to put together some logo jewelry. Try a set of dangling earrings with your team’s logo, or these real authentic baseball earrings. Yes!

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Crop it

Showing a little skin is never a bad thing…unless you’re at work. Crop tops are easily accessible in store or online. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you know the drill: crop it yourself.

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How to Crop:

  • Lay your shirt on a flat surface.
  • Mark where you’ll be cropping the top.
  • Cut the shirt with fabric scissors.
  • Add glitter, sequins, or rhinestones to enhance your shirt.


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