Workday Style

Dressing for work is a reality that has to be dealt with. Some of us have the great fortune of working at a place where the dress code is relaxed. A place where one could throw on some jeans, a vintage t-shirt, and some sneakers in the morning and be ready for work. But the majority of us have to adhere to the fashion rules of the companies we work for.

The work world is far different than the world we inhabit in our personal lives. In our personal lives, fashion can be a major outlet for our expression of personal style and tastes. And because we’re humans that constantly have a need to express, we sometimes make the mistake of not being dressed right for work. Here are some very simple tips for choosing your daily work attire.

Have an honest look in the mirror

Trust your gut instinct. If you put on an outfit and immediately feel a sense of doubt as to whether it’s on the questionable side (whether it’s too casual or too revealing for example), go ahead and find something else to wear that will not elicit such feelings. Better to be on the safe side and have a comfortable workday rather than be paranoid over your outfit getting you into trouble.

Putting your own spin on company dress code is easier than you think!

Know your company dress code. This is fairly obvious, but the importance of this lies in knowledge. If you know exactly what’s okay to wear, you can easily put your own spin on outfits and maintain your great sense of style.

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